Indiana Unemployment Insurance

An individual who voluntarily leaves employment or who is discharged due to circumstances directly caused by domestic or family violence will not be disqualified from receiving unemployment insurance. Such an individual who may be eligible for benefits may apply to the office of the attorney general under Ind. Code § 5-26.5 to have an address designated by the office of attorney general to serve as the individual’s address for purposes of this article. Ind. Code § 22-4-15-1(c)(8) (2015).  To verify that domestic or family violence has occurred, an individual who applies for benefits under subsection (c)(8) shall provide one of the following: a report of a law enforcement agency (as defined in IC 10-13-3-10); a protection order issued under IC 34-26-5; a foreign protection order (as defined in IC 34-6-2-48.5); or an affidavit from a domestic violence service provider verifying services provided to the individual by the domestic violence service provider. Ind. Code § 22-4-15-1(e) (2015). Individuals qualified for benefits under Ind. Code § 22-4-15-1(c)(8), the determination of suitable work must reasonably accommodate the physical, psychological, legal and other effects of the family or domestic violence. Ind. Code § 22-4-15-2(e) (2015). Any information disclosed by the claimant or an agent to the department for verification purposes will be kept confidential including the claimant’s current address or physical location. Ind. Code § 22-4-19-6(f) (2015).

Eligible individuals may file an application for unemployment benefits at: Be sure to have any pop-up blockers shut off at the time of application. The application will need the claimant’s complete name, address, and zip code; social security number; name, address, and telephone number of claimant’s last employer; personal identification (driver’s license, photo ID, of alien card); dates worked at claimant’s last place of employment; and the reason the claimant is unemployed. A one week waiting period is required after you file your initial claim. For further information on unemployment insurance, the claimant handbook can be viewed online or printed at: