Order of Protection for the Employee in Indiana

Employees are able to obtain an Order of Protection in Indiana in order to protect them from perpetrators of domestic or family violence, a sexual offense, or stalking. Such an order may be filed on behalf of themselves or their minor children. Domestic or family violence is when a family or household member harms or threatens to harm you, places you in fear of physical harm, forces you to engage in sexual activity or stalks you. This includes a spouse, someone you are or were dating or had an intimate relationship with, or someone related to you. An order of protection is also available for someone not related to you if that person has committed a sexual offense or a stalking offense against you. To obtain an order of protection, the victim/survivor must file a petition with the court saying why they need an Order of Protection. The local county clerk and/or your local prosecutor’s office should have these forms[1]. They can also be found online at: http://www.in.gov/judiciary/center/2645.htm.

[1] http://www.indianalegalservices.org/node/17/general-information-about-orders-protection#4