About Bri’s RACE


Bri’s RACE was created after the untimely and violent death of Brianna “Bri” Hefner-Ballor. Bri was a young, athletic, highly educated professional woman who was in the early stages of obtaining a divorce, after a short but tumultuous marriage. Despite beginning the divorce process, Bri allowed her husband to continue to live in the home due to finances. This decision was deadly, as Bri was murdered by her husband on May 10, 2015, leaving her 2 year old daughter an orphan. We will never know or understand why Bri kept the conflict and potential violence of the marriage to herself. Nor, will we know why she did not reach out for help.  What we do believe is that we should ensure, through this initiative, we can educate those in the
community who are in need of assistance because of a potentially violent relationship, as Bri was, that safe means of obtaining help and guidance are available for them.